Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wiki and Forums

I believe we need to increase activity in Debian Forums to assist those new to Debian. I know the forums are not as popular as IRC or mailing lists but I believe they are more user friendly. I in a way say to Debian users, use the forums even if they don't seem to benefit you directly. Using them will help those new to Debian which will indirectly help everyone. Today's new users will be tomorrow's contributors especially if they feel comfortable and welcome.
I also want to put in a plug for the wiki. It is so easy to contribute to the wiki. Many may not be able to contribute to the Debian Project by being a package maintainer, but anybody can learn to wiki. Again the advantage it the amount of help and support given to other people. If everybody contributes, even a little, many around the world are blessed. Well I hope everyone has a good day today, and thanks for reading. :)


Blogger sensovision said...

I'm with you here, jsmidt! Wish more people could move to Debian so I'm trying to pop-up on (it's really more friendly and helpful than maillist or IRC especially toward newbies).
I also try to push Debian from my community right after I moved to it, but as for now we didn't get a lot of folks interested in Linux there.
Anyway I sincerely hope that Linux would keep it's development and get good part of desktop OS market in next few years!

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