Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wiki and Forums

I believe we need to increase activity in Debian Forums to assist those new to Debian. I know the forums are not as popular as IRC or mailing lists but I believe they are more user friendly. I in a way say to Debian users, use the forums even if they don't seem to benefit you directly. Using them will help those new to Debian which will indirectly help everyone. Today's new users will be tomorrow's contributors especially if they feel comfortable and welcome.
I also want to put in a plug for the wiki. It is so easy to contribute to the wiki. Many may not be able to contribute to the Debian Project by being a package maintainer, but anybody can learn to wiki. Again the advantage it the amount of help and support given to other people. If everybody contributes, even a little, many around the world are blessed. Well I hope everyone has a good day today, and thanks for reading. :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Debian Linux

Debian is a free operating system by all the meanings of "free": It costs nothing to download and use, the source code is freely available, you are free to run the software for any purpose, you are free to distribute the software to your friends and family, and you are free to change the software however you would like and redistribute it. The operation behind Debian is beautiful, a democratic group of volunteers who devote their time and talents to provide this "free" software to any who desire to use it. You can use my link to their web page to learn more.

I do not consider myself a serious computer person, however I feel the concept behind Debian is so wonderful that I encourage all people to not only use Debian, but become a contributor themselves. True, Debian needs many with great computer skills, however there are many tasks ordinary people may do to help the Debian cause. I will state one caution: using Debian and contributing will take some work to learn. Learning how to use Debian is about as hard as it is for somebody who knows nothing about a computer learning Windows. I just make this comment so that Windows users don't feel cheated if they don't immeadiatly know how to use it.

Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian and currently is considered by many to be more user friendly. I reccomend people try this first if they are new to linux. However, Ubuntu is not completely run by volunteers, they have some paid workers, so again I stress, when the day comes you feel comfortable using and contributing to Debian don't hesitate. The Debian Project brings "free" software to the entire world in many, many languages, and it is the sacrifice of volunteers that makes this all possible. Isn't it beautiful. :)